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Winter 2006

We've received several e.mails during the past few weeks enquiring about the Strapping Jocks CD "We Love the English". Well it's pretty much a one-off thing the boys have put together, mainly for the Scots who have a sense of humour. It's a very tongue-in-cheek recording and would best be described as a chant rather than a song. Apparently doing well north of the border we hear!
Whilst on the subject of Scotland and e.mails, many thanks to Callum in Glasgow and Bruce in Stirling who both told us the article we printed was a feature in the Sunday Post
The downloads page is proving much more popular than we'd ever imagined and consequently we'll be digging up more and more old tracks from the archives. These are obviously the ones in greatest demand. The boys have even found a Christmas song to issue this year. It's called "Christmas Party Time" and is a rocking good song! Don't miss this one.
A very happy 65th birthday to Don Ker who reached this milestone in October. "Seems only yesterday", Nigel said to me recently, "That we thought he might be a bit too old for Stavely Makepeace". He was 27 at the time!!
Many thanks to all those of you who have informed us of the Lieutenant Pigeon videos which have appeared on  The second one, an appearance on 'The Arrows' TV show in 1976, featured the song "Goodbye" and ironically marked the last time the band would play together on British TV.  Just for the anoraks, it was recorded in Manchester on May 25th 1976 and was transmitted on ITV in all regions of the country on June 8th 1976. None of the boys saw the transmission as they were away working at the time so this 'youtube' broadcast was very welcome and brought back lots of memories.

Have a very happy Christmas.

Autumn 2006

Those of you who regularly visit the downloads page will be well aware of the steady increase in available tracks. Sales have exceeded all our expectations so we will do as a lot of you have suggested, put some of the early Stavely and Pigeon tracks on. If any of you have queries about any of these recordings, please do not hesitate to click the CONTACT button on the web site and drop us a note. for those of you who still prefer the 'hard' copy, (ie CD), we will endeavour to provide this service for as long as possible.
No doubt all of you will now know of the sad demise of the BBC TV programme Top of the Pops. Newspapers from far and wide have been phoning the boys for their reactions. Lots has already been said and written about the end of this 'institution', but both Rob and Nigel privately confided in me that they're surprised the show lasted as long as it did! Coincidentally the very last broadcast was July 30th 2006--exactly 36 years to  the day since the show they performed on with Stavely Makepeace was transmitted, 30/7/1970!
News soon about a controversial new recording with a distinct Scottish flavour from the boys very soon. Keep logging on!!

PS... This cutting arrived at our office in August. Can anyone throw any light on what publication it appeared in please?


Summer 2006

It's now 5 years since the boys released OPUS 400. Only two out of the thousands of you who bought the CD correctly worked out that it is a musical representation of a dream. I can now reveal that Ted Kosys and Graeme Vine were the only ones who solved this enigma! Congratulations to you both.
The record begins with our 'dreamer' drifting in and out of consciousness and remembering an old dog he once owned called Grey Chops. The mixture of nonsense thoughts and lucid memories continue until slumber arrives and 'Hill Rain' takes over. This is interrupted briefly when he wakes up realising he 'Don't wanna be a wannabe'!
Soon he's deep in sleep again and there's more 'Hill Rain'. From now on it's a succession of short and long dreams, sometimes merging into each other and often repeating a theme. Gradually the night wears on and bit by bit the dreams take on a more logical pattern, all having some link to recent events in the dreamers life.
The longest dream is the last of the night. Suddenly the waking hours approach and the mind is awash with snippets of the night's experiences in a cacophony of sonic mayhem. Now comes the biggest clue of all to those of you who have been left wondering for up to 5 years what it's all meant. The alarm clock goes off.
He's awake.
The silly bit right at the end is the mind clearing all memories of the night's experiences in preparation for the new day. Within seconds logical thought is back.
We still have a few copies of OPUS 400 left should any of you who missed it want a copy.
Other News
The 35 track double CD "THE TRIP" (Universal Music 9832862) compilation by Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey, is on sale now and apparantly doing very well. On it is the Lieutenant Pigeon track "The Villain". It also contains some excellent tracks from over the years, all favourites of Jarvis and Steve. 
Bill B

May 2006

Here's a first for us! This is a copy of the article which recently appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. The newspaper have been kind enough to allow us to reprint it.

Click to enlarge

Music editor Pete Chambers, who regularly writes for the newspaper, produced this fine article about the band.
Other news, on May 7th, (ironically Nige's birthday!), Channel 4 TV transmitted their "50 Greatest" show which featured Lieutenant Pigeon. "Mouldy Old Dough" was voted in at No 25 in the all time greats. Another ironic coincidence, it was in No 25 Kingsway where all the great Stavely and Pigeon tracks were made!
The Jarvis Cocker compilation CD is now in the shops, and by all accounts is doing very well. It's called 'The Trip' and features the Lt Pigeon track "The Villain". All in all not a bad start to 2006!
Thanks to all of you who have commented on the "Binj'd Rinkas" CD. Yes it's weird, but many of you have recognised that it's an innovative step towards the future of music. Next release will probably take a step back towards a more conventional approach however.
My apologies to those of you who have inquired about the "Download" facility, this will be available as soon as I possibly can implement it.
More soon. Happy Spring! (albeit a rather wet one where we are!) Bill B. 

March 2006


At last we can announce the launch of the first three tracks using the boy's revolutionary new sound!
"INDIGO AND BLACK CIGARETTE LIGHTER" c/w "The Ghost Express" & "Big Boat Confidential", (SMA 1701), heralds the arrival of a controversial and spectacular new method of record production Rob and Nigel have been experimenting with for some time.
As it represents a totally original concept in sound recording they've decided on a totally new name to front it, The BINJ'D RINKAS.
Don't worry, this does not spell the end for all you diehard Lieutenant Pigeon fans. More Pigeon tracks will be issued later in the year.
Details of how to obtain the three new tracks on CD will appear as per usual on the sales page, but here's another surprise. Details of how to download these tracks direct from the web site will also be announced soon--- well everyone else is doing it so why don't we! 



New Year 2006

Once again a very happy new year to you all from myself, Rob & Nigel, Richard our distributor, secretary Zoe and  the entire washing up staff. Seems only 5 minutes since I was doing all this 12 months ago!  Great news. The boys have put together a brand new CD for the brand new year--and it's under a brand new name! Keep an eye on these pages around Easter.  Talking of Easter, look out for a Channel 4 TV programme called "50 Greatest One Hit Wonders". Although Pigeon were not one hit wonders they have been included in the show and Nigel has already recorded a piece for it. Let's hope they use it now!  Jarvis Cocker's compilation CD also comes out around that time and guess what, he's been as good as his word and included on it a Lieutenant Pigeon track. The Villain.

Christmas saw a visit from the urbane Mr Steve Tayton who now resides in France. He's ageing like a good French wine and continues to produce fine jazz music. Visit his site at

Speak to you in the Spring.
Bill B

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