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Autumn 2004
Interest in the web site continues to grow. We can tell this by the amount of letters we have received so far, from all round the world I might add! Rob and Nigel have assured me that they will get round to personally replying to every single one. Incidentally, next year we plan to publish some of your comments on the site so please when you write can you indicate whether or not you object to having your letter published?
Keep an eye on ITV on Saturday November 13th at 9pm. There may be a surprise in store!
Reviews on the Stavely Makepeace retro album, (The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue RPM 280), have been excellent, particularly by the US press. Lots of sales so far but sadly few air plays. Colin Berry has been very kind to us on his BBC Home Counties Saturday night show but no luck so far with the "big two" (Radio One and Radio Two)
Perhaps it's not such a bad thing though, makes the record a bit 'exclusive'.
There will be another Lieutenant Pigeon CD out very soon. The catalogue number will be SMA 1606 and the title will be "HANG DOG". Watch this space!!
Bye for now. Bill 

Summer 2004

Well 2004 is almost 3/4 gone already. Where does the time go to! On July 10th I celebrated my 60th birthday with a 'bash' at the local deaf club. What a great night! People came from all over and Rob Woodward played his 'live' one man rock'n roll show. A good time was had by all.

The Stavely Makepeace retro album came out on RPM Records bang on time and so far is selling extremely well.It is called 'The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue' (RPM 280) and has 22 tracks. It is available through, do NOT order it from Makepeace Distribution. They don't have retail rights on this one. It can be ordered from any High Street record shop as well as Amazon though.
For those of you who prefer the Pigeon style of music there's good news too. The boys have been sweating (quite literally) in the studio and have a surprise release for the autumn. Watch this space.
More soon. Bill

Whitsun 2004 

Well, I can now confirm that the Stavely Makepeace Retro Album is being released by RPM Records in May. It will have the number RPM 280 and will be called "SCRAP IRON RHYTHM REVUE".  Originally it was to have comprised 20 tracks but that has now been increased to 22 so whatever the cost (and it shouldn't be too high anyway) it's going to be great value for money.
It will be in all High Street Record shops but if you are lazy like me you'll want to know that RPM have their own web site (see LINKS) and can be bought by mail order direct. Please let me have your comments as always, there will be quite a few Stavely tracks you've never heard before!
It's been a busy time for the boys so far this year. Last month we had an e mail from Jarvis Cocker. It turns out that he's been an admirer of the boys since his childhood and was impressed by their style of home recording. He asked if  Lt Pigeon could play 'live' at his benefit gig for Ken Livingstone on March 25th in Hammersmith. Needless to say the boys declined this flattering invitation, mainly because of the fact that of the three living members, one is in Blackburn and the other two (NIgel and Rob) haven't played together for donkey's years.
Our Mr Cocker however is a very persuasive chap and in the end a compromise was reached. Nigel and Rob played  "Mouldy Old Dough" (on piano and drums only) to open the show. Could this be the last time ever they play together?
Lastly, as you'll see on the sales page, there's a new Lt Pigeon CD out. Two of the tracks have a strong Australian flavour. I'm sure they won't mind me saying this but track three is the best thing they've done!! (Well that's my opinion).
Speak to you soon. Bill Boswell

PS Many thanks to all of you who sent in your suggestions for the Stavely Makepeace album. Every track you suggested was considered and we eventually selected the most popular 22 tracks for RPM 280, (which we now know will be released on May 24th).
Full details of the album and how to get hold of a copy, will appear on RPM's own web site before it appears on ours. Click here and you can access the site directly. BB.

Spring 2004
Some good news to start 2004. RPM Records have scheduled a May slot for the release of the Stavely Makepeace retro CD. We would welcome any suggestions you may have for selection of titles etc.

After what seems like an age we have at last contacted Graeme Goodall. Thanks to this wonderful invention the Internet, we eventually found him alive and well in Georgia USA. The boys have been in touch with him and he is currently in the depths of his cellar trying to locate any SM master tapes/vinyl he might still have.
Whilst on the subject of people, Steve Wadey, he who mastered Mouldy Old Dough, is also 'almost' in touch. His wife has sent an e mail to Nigel and now all that remains is for Steve to do likewise. Another Steve, Steve Tayton came over from his home in France at Christmas and visited the boys. He's well, over 60 (but looks 38!), and is still playing jazz in France.
At the end of 2003, well on Nov 22nd, Rob did another of his 50s Rock 'n Roll nights. It was an excellent night and took place at the Great Heath Conservative Club. Former SM rocker Don Ker played guitar all night (and he didn't need a chair!)
Also at the end of 2003 the boys recorded another Lieutenant Pigeon single. It's called "A Pub With No Beer" and details of its availability will be in my next newsletter.
That's all folks!  BB

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